Depth Psychology starts with the idea that the psyche has multiple layers, and it asks the question: what is at work beneath the surface layers of our thoughts and actions?

In Depth Psychotherapy, I begin by paying careful attention to the concerns that have brought you to my office. From there, I tailor your therapy to who you are and what you are seeking from the experience. Common techniques include talk therapy, dream work, active imagination, body mindfulness, and using your creativity to foster a safe relationship with the unconscious parts of your own personality. The rich and deeply meaningful experiences people have working with this depth approach are transformative. Common benefits over time include a greater sense of well-being and self-understanding, comfort with a wider range of authentic feelings, a keener awareness of your own creative energy, a stronger sense of purpose and meaning in your life, a greater sense of satisfaction in your personal relationships, and a deeper sense of connection to others and to the larger world.

There are 5 core concepts from Depth Psychology that inform my work with clients.

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