People often seek psychotherapy for help with overwhelming feelings of anxiety and depression. Other times a sudden change in life circumstances, such as a major loss or traumatic event requires some professional attention. Therapy can help relieve distress through finding the right words to make sense of your feelings, discovering the source of your emotions, and developing specific coping skills and strategies. From the perspective of Depth Psychology, psychotherapy is also an ideal setting to safely engage in the work of personal transformation, which can lead to a greater sense of purpose, meaning, creativity, and vitality in your life.

Work With Gay Men
For gay men, like all sexual and gender minorities, the cost of dealing with a mainstream culture that often ignores or rejects the unique gifts of one’s identity can lead to a subtle loss of soul. Therapy is a place to heal from what has been lost, and to regenerate vitality and joy that come from living life as a whole person.




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