When a relationship reaches a point of deep conflict or emotional impasse, it can be devastating. The good news is that these same points of crisis are often opportunities for profound growth and healing from old wounds. In couples counseling, you will develop specific skills with your partner to improve communication and deepen your understanding about each other and the underlying patterns that lead to problems in your relationship.

Dreams can become catalysts to personal healing and growth as they introduce the power of living symbols into our waking lives. Dream work is a dynamic and highly creative form of therapy that places the wisdom of the image at the center of the work. By working with the image, you will gain insight, remove emotional blocks, and unlock hidden potential.

Dream Groups
Being in a dream group gives you the opportunity to share your dreams in a small supportive community where you will develop specific skills for working with dreams and benefit from the collective insights of the group. Groups are limited to six participants, and meet for a two-hour session twice a month. If you’re interested in joining a group, contact Dr. Thomas for more information.

Come explore the possibilities and find out how therapy can change your life.

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