Marion Woodman

“When I’m really speaking, I resonate, and I can feel it to my feet. And I know I’ve been telling my real truth there. . . . See, here is where I think the real power is. That you can relate to your body. That you can relate to your heart."
– Marion Woodman

Commentary: The great Jungian analyst and feminist author Marion Woodman has emphasized the value of working with the body in psychotherapy. When we talk about things we deeply care about, our bodies speak along with us: sometimes the heart races, muscles grow tense, breath deepens, eyes brim with tears. These physical reactions form a language filled with meaning if we pay attention to them. When we ignore them, we cut ourselves off from the ethical compass of our deeper instincts. Depth Psychology honors the truth of the body and heart as essential ingredients for a healthy fulfilling life.

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